Star of the week


This week in Maths, we have been looking at graphs, translating shapes and coordinates.  In English we were the teachers because we marked other’s narrative.

We took part in a debate on whether the Pied Piper was wrong or right to take the children.  In science, we learnt about sound.  We made an experiment in science in which we investigated how to change pitch.





Star of the week

So I’m here doing this blog today because I got star of the week last Friday.  I received it for bringing my reading record in every day and also filling my whole reading record this week.

Today we planned our boxed up plan, after that we edited it and then we began writing our narrative.  The best thing yet was doing our maths skill test and guess what, we love doing this every friday.

By SG and IM

Star of the week

Star of the Week

This week in Y4I, we have been doing lots of work on our book for this term – The Pied Piper. We have been looking at all the different characters and what they’re like.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and measurements. Did you know there are 100cm in a metre?

In Geography we have been learning about man made and physical features. If something is naturally there then this is a physical element but if something has been created by a human then it is a human feature.

In spelling we have been looking at adding ‘ous’ on the end of words, such as: ridiculous, mysterious, disastrous.

We have learnt about animals in French.

We have also been focusing a lot on the importance of reading and using our reading records. We love to read in Year 4 Ibbotson.

Our attendance was: 98.3%

The Pied Piper of Hamelin


Hello Year 4,

I hope you have had a fantastic holiday, welcome back!  This half term we have a new text.  The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a famous folk tale, I remember it from when I was at school.  However, one of our favourite authors, Michael Morpurgo, has written his own version, it’s great.  Can’t wait to see what you all think of it.

Mr Ibbotson

Star of the Week

Hi everyone,

Our book this week is ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’ written by Oliver Jeffers.  We have been writing our own version of the book, we wrote it from Henry’s point of view (he is the main character).  Henry has his own unique style of using books, he eats books, on the last page there is even a bite mark to show what he does!

In science, we did a really exciting experiment where we put an egg into different types of liquid.  They were coke, orange juice, milk, vinegar and water.  The vinegar had the greatest reaction with the egg, it left a membrane behind and inside was the yolk and the white.  It was squidgy.  This showed us how our teeth would react with these different fluids.  We definitely need to brush our teeth after drinking these things or we will get cavities.

In PE, we have been learning about healthy eating and playing hockey.  In games we used the push pass and dribbling against the opposition and, with Mr Willock, we learnt about dairy, sugar products, proteins, fruit and veg.  On our eat well plate it showed it was healthier to eat fruit and veg rather than sugary products.

Also, in History we have been learning about the Romans.  Today we built stable arches, we put a Lego figure on top to test the strength of the arch compared to the flat bridge (these can be seen on Minecraft).

Attendance this week was 98%, nearly the 100% we wanted last week.

Thanks for reading, Y4I

Star of the week

This week, we have continued to learn about the story ‘ The Incredible book eating boy’.  Finally, we have got round to writing our own version.  We were all trying really hard to get a gold star and coin for our presentation.  But we were really excited about finishing writing the story.

In maths, we have been learning about symmetry and shapes.  It has been really fun working practically, drawing and working with paper shapes.  We have enjoyed working with Mr Ibbotson and Miss Oldfield.

Science has been the most fun but a bit yucky.  We looked at our own teeth using mirrors and pretended to eat apples so we could learn about the different types of teeth.

Attendance this week has been 98.3%.  Could it be 100% next week?

Thanks for reading our blog.

Year 4I


Star of the week

This week we have been learning about our new book called The Incredible Book Eating Boy. It is so good that I would like to keep reading it. It is about a boy who starts eating books and gets smarter and smarter and then he can’t take any more books and gets ill. He starts to read books.

lucky for us on Wednesday afternoon, we got to visit Standish library. It was very quiet. I couldn’t believe how many books there are in one place. We can’t wait to become members and borrow some books, you can take up to 15 books at one time!

On Thursday when it was snowing in the morning we got to go outside and build a snowman, some of the children helped to build a snow castle and we had lots of fun.

Attendance this week, 92%.


Have a nice weekend, from Year 4.

Star of the Week

This week we have been learning about the Romans and all their inventions. We looked at why they came to Britain for silver, gold, tin and lead. They wanted to make coins, which we still have now. We looked at what the Romans made coins out of, which was silver, they wanted to  look rich so they made jewellery out of gold.  They wanted tin to make plates and bowls and maybe some cutlery. They used lead to make pipes and sewage systems, now we use plastic for our pipes. They also ruled over us. They taught the British how to read in the language they called Latin, yet we still use some Roman words, like enormous. We looked at what  they built, they built houses and other things.{We used to live in muddy round houses}. They built roads made out of cobble stone and every few feet there was a ditch to stop the roads flooding with rain.

Thanks for reading, Y4I

This weeks attendance for Y4I was 96.7 %.  What do you think it will be next week?

World Book Day!

They open a door and enter a magical world…

(C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

enCHanted book

For me books offer limitless possibilities.  What a line means to me may mean something completely different to my friend.

What did your imagination conjure up when you read the first line? The scent of bubbling chocolate; rotten fish heads and stale dragon eggs; dancing fire imps in the fire fiends cavern or somewhere only you can imagine?

Today is World Book Day, finding a book you love to read over and over again is magical.  Why don’t you share your thoughts, like we have, on why the book you’ve brought in captured your heart.

Mr Ibbotson and Miss Hunter

How to train your dragon

The children had such a great learning experience following Hiccup’s journey in Cressida Cowells ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We created papier mache dragons, persuaded young Viking heroes to join the Hairy Hooligan Tribe and had a go at acting out the infamous speech by Gobber the Belch! Year 4 have been engrossed in this topic and it has been fantastic to see them buried into the book and desperate to read on to discover Hiccup’s destiny! Throughout this topic the children have met some interesting characters with bizarre names and personalities and the descriptive language and quirky content in this fabulous book has really pushed the children to expand their language choices! A thoroughly enjoyable topic for us all!