Monthly Archives: November 2018

This week in Year 5D

This week in Y5D we have been working really hard. In English we have been reading more of our novel ‘Journey to Jo’Burg’. We have been reading detectives and have picked out clues from the text about the main characters, Naledi and Tiro.

In Maths we have been using our times table knowledge to work out equivalent fractions. We really love Times Table Rockstars and are going to keep practising to know all our times table facts and division facts up to 12 x 12.

In Science we have begun our new topic ‘Properties of Materials’ looking at a variety of vocabulary linked to the topic and working out their definitions.

We have been developing our map reading skills in Geography, using atlases to create labels and keys to show continents, locate South Africa and mark cities surrounding Johannesburg, including the capitals Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein.

Autumn 2

This term in Y5D, we are travelling to South Africa!

We will be reading the novel Journey to Jo’Burg by Beverley Naidoo, creating a diary extract as one of the main characters Naledi as she travels to Johannesburg with her brother Tiro. We will be analysing the main characters – drawing on their appearance, actions and speech within the story.

Jo'Burg Front Cover