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Star of the week

Hello,  we are writing this because we got the certificates last week.This week in maths we have been learning about statistics, this involved looking at graphs and bar charts . In English we have been writing a diary as if we where Mole and some people did as if they where Ratty. Through spelling we learnt about words ending in ture . In geography we looked at the human features of Germany and England. In science we made string telephones to see the effect on the sound when the distence is long or short . On Thursday we had sports day!  Finally today, we were given the results and we where given our medals!

K.W and C.G.C

Before we broke up for the holidays, we took part in a debate whether it was right for the Pied Piper to take  the townspeople’s loved ones (children) and the thief dogs (not actually dog). In maths, we were looking at coordinates and graphs. Through science we looked at how a sound is made And finally in spelling, we looked at the suffix OUS .




The Wind in the Willows

Hello Year 4,

This half term we will be studying a book called The Wind in the Willows.  It is a classic text be the author Kenneth Grahame.

We will begin by writing a diary from the perspective of one of the characters.

I hope you enjoy it,

Mr Ibbotson