Star of the week

This week we have been learning about our new book called The Incredible Book Eating Boy. It is so good that I would like to keep reading it. It is about a boy who starts eating books and gets smarter and smarter and then he can’t take any more books and gets ill. He starts to read books.

lucky for us on Wednesday afternoon, we got to visit Standish library. It was very quiet. I couldn’t believe how many books there are in one place. We can’t wait to become members and borrow some books, you can take up to 15 books at one time!

On Thursday when it was snowing in the morning we got to go outside and build a snowman, some of the children helped to build a snow castle and we had lots of fun.

Attendance this week, 92%.


Have a nice weekend, from Year 4.

2 thoughts on “Star of the week

  1. O. parsons

    I love reading the book we are reading this term and on world book day we got a red box it had 10 books in it. We take it in turns to read the books. My first was Bill’s new frock. I really love the book and in English we have been doing about what Henry’s family thinks about Herny eating books. Thank you so much, I love learning about the incredible book eating boy .

  2. Sophia Grimshaw

    The Incredible Book Eating Boy is a fictional book about a boy who started to eat books. The more books he ate the more knowledge he gained. In the end he was smarter than his teacher!

    I’m really enjoying the book ???? The Incredible Book Eating Boy because the boy in the story eats books just to gain more knowledge . One day he becomes smarter than his class and his teacher . His favourite books are maths books, dictionaries,atlases and the red books are his best. It all started when he got home from school he was eating a little word from his book and then he ate a whole sentence and then a whole page and by the end of the month he could eat a whole book.


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