Star of the Week

This week we have been learning about the Romans and all their inventions. We looked at why they came to Britain for silver, gold, tin and lead. They wanted to make coins, which we still have now. We looked at what the Romans made coins out of, which was silver, they wanted to  look rich so they made jewellery out of gold.  They wanted tin to make plates and bowls and maybe some cutlery. They used lead to make pipes and sewage systems, now we use plastic for our pipes. They also ruled over us. They taught the British how to read in the language they called Latin, yet we still use some Roman words, like enormous. We looked at what  they built, they built houses and other things.{We used to live in muddy round houses}. They built roads made out of cobble stone and every few feet there was a ditch to stop the roads flooding with rain.

Thanks for reading, Y4I

This weeks attendance for Y4I was 96.7 %.  What do you think it will be next week?

2 thoughts on “Star of the Week

  1. Macey Cadman

    The bad mermaids by Sibe’al Pounder it is really good it is about three mermaids that try to say hot dog and banana in English beacase they have legs for the summer and they spend it with some friends latter on in the book a girl called Arabella cod she goes missing mints after an announcement . Were has she gone missing you ask? hmmm under water of course . I think you will like this book . Mc


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