World Book Day!

They open a door and enter a magical world…

(C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

enCHanted book

For me books offer limitless possibilities.  What a line means to me may mean something completely different to my friend.

What did your imagination conjure up when you read the first line? The scent of bubbling chocolate; rotten fish heads and stale dragon eggs; dancing fire imps in the fire fiends cavern or somewhere only you can imagine?

Today is World Book Day, finding a book you love to read over and over again is magical.  Why don’t you share your thoughts, like we have, on why the book you’ve brought in captured your heart.

Mr Ibbotson and Miss Hunter

20 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. red123

    One of my favourite books is Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss. For me this book has brilliant examples of rhyme and tongue twisters, this makes it fun and exciting to read. Especially out loud! As well as the tongue twisters, the illustrations in the book are out of this world. I have never seen characters or colours used in the way they are in this book. If like me you have enjoyed this book, try Green Eggs and Ham.

    Mr I

  2. Y4I

    My favourite book is called The Famous Five by Enid Blyton ( Not the Olympics ). I like it because it’s full of adventures. There is a collection of the books but they are not linked. There is also three books in one. My favourite book so far is called Five Fall into Adventure. I love the characters and how it’s set, it makes me imagine I’m in the story. I just love the collection.


  3. Y4I

    One of my favourite books is Wimpy Kid The Getaway. There are a lot of pages but a minimum amount of words, also it is funny. I suggest to read it including all the other Wimpy Kid stories. The parts were there are tongue twister’s are really funny. It is a fiction book so if you like fiction texts or stories the this will be the book for you!


  4. Y4I

    One of my favourite books is, Diary Of a Wimpy Kid because all of the Diary Of a Wimpy Kid books are very funny and I always read them when I don’t have much to do. Although, I think you should read it as well because I think you would find it very funny. If you like it, try read Roald Dahl books, they are very funny too.

    From: I.B.

  5. Y4I

    My favorite books Captain Underpants, because it has loads of funny jokes including Flip O – Rama. A Technique used to animate characters (basically you flip 2 pages the first page is the first action and the second page is the second action). The story is about 2 young boys that always get bullied (George and Harold) so they make a funny comic called captain underpants. Unfortunately the principle (Mr. Krupp) bans it so they hypnotise him to become Captain Underpants. They are now battling loads of funny villains (like Professor Poopy Pants and the Talking Toilets).

    This book is by Dave Pilkey and now has a whole 12 book series of Captain Underpants and a movie! (Along with 2 other series Super Diaper Baby and the Beach Boys) .

    From GK

  6. Y4I

    My favourite book is Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell. This book is all about people having a big party. If you like Dork books how about try reading holiday heart break. All the Dork books are amazing. If you have read more dork books let me know.


  7. Y4I

    My favourite book is Demon Dentist by David Williams. The Demon Dentist is a funny book. It has colourful pictures and a great story line. You should also read Gangsta Granny by the same author it is a fantastic book!

    From AA

  8. Y4I

    My book is great because when I read it it make me happy and calm and the author is Marcia Williams and the book is called Greek Myths and this was my first Greek myths book.

  9. y4I

    One of my favorite books is Pokemon Alola Region Handbook because it has amazing pictures and has all the new Pokemon. It even tells you how to use the book and tips on playing the Nintendo game. All the Pokemon are listed in alphabetical order. If you enjoy this book you definitely enjoy the classic collectors handbook, the deluxe essential handbook and the mythical Pokemon handbook.


  10. Y4I

    My most favourite book is Tom Gates Top of the Class by L. Pichon. I think its funny because he keeps lying about dog zombies doing all your homework and all that stuff you don’t want to do and when he was asleep in class he almost got told of for sleeping and he always lies but this time he lied that he could see through his eye lids and the teacher actually believed it and the whole class did too. One of his friends asked him to prove it but Tom said he couldn’t do it at that moment!


  11. Y4I

    One of my favourite book is Classic Stories it has 28 Stories about different kinds of stuff like The Wizard of Oz. Stories that are beautiful and the most wonderful stories ever in the whole world. The book even gives some information and facts and the pictures are colourful and magnificent.


  12. Y4I

    My favourite books are 13,26 and 39 Storey Tree House by Andy Griffiths because it has loads of funny parts in it. Especially Captain Woodenhead and Mr Big Nose they are the funniest characters.


  13. Y4I

    I’ve got a Horrid Henry Haunted House book its one of my favourites because its funny and cool to read and I think you’ll like it too. Its also about Henry going to his annoying cousin’s House and pulling scary tricks on his cousin, then at the end something scary is actually going on and no ones playing tricks, this is a book by Francesca Simon she writes good books Especially Horrid Henry Books .
    From CS

  14. Y4I

    One of my favourite books is Let’s Play. It is an information book about animals and the noise they make.


  15. y4I

    One of my favourite books is the Brave Little Puppy by Enid Blyton. I like this because its about a puppy that has been left in a lake all alone and cold. Two children went to save him and asked their parents if they could keep it. Their parents said yes if they look after it. Its a really good book I recommend to you.


  16. Y4I

    My favourite book of all time is Dork Diaries Holiday Heartbreak . Because it is funny, sad and very surprising it is similar to Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid books but Dork Diary’s are more for girly Girls. The books all have different names such as Dear Dork, Party Time, Pop Star and Skating Sensation. It is all about a middle school girl called Nikki Maxwell who is always on an emotional roller coaster it is always very exiting to see what will happen next this book was written by Rachel Renee Russell. CT

  17. y4I

    One of my favourite books is Horrid Henry because he does different things in his books. He does
    different books like joke books and he does hundreds of books and does silly things to his brother and takes all his pocket money.

    By OP

  18. Y4I

    My favourite book is called Bad Dad by David Walliams. It is my favourite book because it is funny and it has great quality. BAD DAD is about a person who lost his leg when he was bumper car racing because his car wasn’t working right and he became a criminal and his son did as well.


  19. Y4I

    My favourite book is Tom Gates Dog zombies Rule (For Now) by Liz Pichon.For me this book is good because it is humorous and has funny illustrations like the one where a character’s (Derek) dog (Rooster) drops Tom’s dad’s phone in a watering can, that was hilarious! Some of the characters have funny names and personalities like Brad Galloway, who gets scared when there is a power cut, he shouts “It’s a ghost”. If you like this book you should try others in the series.



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