Monthly Archives: February 2016

A Magical letter from Winnie the Witch…..


Dear Children of Year Two,

I have decided I need to start school.

Sadly, I have never been to school before so therefore I am unsure of which school is the best. That is why I am writing you this letter. I need your help to persuade me that your school is the most amazing school in Standish!

Your teachers have told me how fantastic Wood Fold Primary School is, however I would like the opinion of children who go to the school.

Please can you give me some more information about your school and describe why I should come there?

Thank you for your help!

Yours sincerely

Winnie the Witch

Homework 5th February 2016

This week we have had an exciting time learning how to fly a broomstick!


For your homework we would like you to write step by step instructions to explain how to fly your broomstick!

You might want to include;- how to get onto your broomstick- do you jump, do you use a ladder? How do you fly? Do you use magical words like ‘abracadabra’ ? and how to get off the broomstick once you have finished- the broomstick might tilt? or shake? or you might disappear in a puff of smoke!

I am looking forward to reading your magical instructions for flying a broomstick!

Miss Davies :)