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Sunny Here..

Hi Year 2..

I have to say… I’m really excited about you learning all about me and my family in school!

I dropped by yesterday and heard the teachers talking about the Kalahari Desert at lunch.. how exciting!

I am really excited about all the new friends I have made and I am really getting to know some of you really well…. you are surprising me with all of your messages..and I LOVE IT!

Last night during my supper of beetles and snakes I was telling my family about all of your questions that you had for me.

I got really excited and got told off by my mum, for not eating my tea! Oh dear!

I have got a question for you…..Do you know where I live? Where is my habitat?….if you need to know any more information just ask! I love getting messages from you!

If you blog at home..i will leave special owls with Miss Davies for you to collect!

Love Sunny! Write back soon! x


Hi Me Again..

Hello Year 2

Thankyou for writing back to me :)

The postbox is in the Kalahari desert in Africa – it is very hot and dry there! I am the meerkat at the front on the postcard, the other meerkats are my family!

I can’t believe you like to eat cake and chocolate – beetles are much nicer!

I came into your school to see you working, but you weren’t in your classroom! I will try to come again.. but I might have to stay outside so that I don’t wipe my sandy footprints on the classroom floor again – sorry!

I am quite small because I am a young meerkat, I am on an adventure to find a place to live that is PERFECT!

I’ll try to visit soon…

Love Sunny xx


Meerkat Mail

Hello Year 2
I am Sunny the Meerkat! I hope you received my postcard that I sent to you. I would like to be your new friend!

Will you write to back to me to tell me what it is like where you live?

You might even want to tell me what your favourite food is or what your favourite colour is!
I’m so excited to find out and for you to write back to me!
From Sunny xxx