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This week…


Hello Year One,

I hope that you are all enjoying your well deserved rest? What have you all been up to over the weekend? Have you got any plans for this week?

Miss Hilliard x




This week we have explored a range of Jewish artifacts and learnt about a range of Jewish festivals. Can you share with the rest of the school Why and What Jews do to celebrate Hanukkah, Shabbat and Passover. I’ll be really impressed if you can share how you think a Jew might feel during any of these celebrations.

Miss Hilliard :)

Maths Day


On Wednesday we had a Maths Day! It was lots of fun and we took part in activities in the classroom, on the playground and in the outdoor garden. But how did you feel about the Maths day? Answer these questions to share your opinions:

What did you really enjoy?

What would you change next time?

What did you learn?

Who did you work with?

What different activities were there?

What resources did you use?



Year 1 Garden Shop

Would you like a garden shop for role play?

If so what would you like in the garden shop?

What would you like to sell?

What posters would you like?

Please give us some ideas!

Be creative as you can please

Year 1 team!

As you can see in the pictures, we have planted some seeds. We don’t know what these seeds will grow in to but we have had a range of guesses:
- tree
- daisy
- strawberries
- apple tree
- rose
- coconut tree
- lemon tree
- plums
- stork
- banyan tree
- dandelion
- pineapple tree

Do you recognise these seeds, what will they grow into?


We all came dressed as gardens and we went outside and planted the seeds. As you can see below we had lots of fun planting and we are feeling very excited to find out what grows!

IMG_5949 IMG_5955 IMG_5961 IMG_5964 IMG_6005