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Hello :o)

Today we had a Gardner come to visit us. We asked lots of questions and learnt things such as: plants grow faster than trees and plants only take about six weeks to grow.

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Our week so far…

Y1H have told me all about their trip to the outdoor garden last week. It was a lovely sunny day and the children enjoyed spotting plants and bugs.
Olivia, Daisy, Alfie and Mikey spotted lots of different flowers and plants. Charlotte enjoyed  ticking them off on her sheet. Isabelle and Taylor’s favourite part of the week was sketching what they had found.
This morning the class have made posters explaining what they have learnt about the outdoors. Pictures of the posters will be added to the blog shortly.
It sounds as though you have had a fantastic week Y1H.
Thank you for telling me all about it.
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What does the great outdoors look like?


Hello year one,

I hope that you have all had a fun week exploring the outdoor garden and learning about the great outdoors? What has been your favourite part of the week? Do you have the same favourite part as your friends? Can you recall the names of any plants or trees? Use this blog to let everyone know what you have learnt and enjoyed this week.

Don’t forget to comment on your friends posts.

Miss Hilliard :o )