Friday 12th October

This week, we have continued to measure and draw angles with protractors to the nearest degrees along with finding the perimeter and area of compound and irregular shapes.

We all enjoyed our trip to the Warner Bros. studios and had a fantastic day handling real props used on the sets of all of the Harry Potter films as well as fighting the dark Death Eaters on Hogwarts Bridge. We loved seeing the Hogwarts Express on Platform 9 3/4 and even managed to enjoy the Forbidden Forest.

We continued to look at reversible and irreversible changes in science and carried on improving our tactical knowledge in hockey.

Attendance: 98.1%


Friday 5th October

This week, we have explored angles looking at the different types of angles, measuring angles correctly with a protractor and drawing angles to the nearest degree. In English, we have completed our diary as Harry Potter as he enters Diagon Alley. We have also re-drafted our work to ensure it includes highly effective vocabulary and emotive language to show Harry’s feelings and thoughts at different stages of the day. In science we have looked at scientific vocabulary related to dissolving, including understanding the difference between soluble and insoluble materials. In P.E. we have continued to improve our hockey skills and tactical knowledge by playing 3 vs 3 matches. We have had a huge push on presentation and handwriting this week ensuring we are achieving our ‘Gold Standard’ consistently.


Well done and have a wonderful weekend.


This term in Y5D, we are entering a world of magic!

We will be creating a diary extract as Harry Potter as he walks through, in amazement, down the mystical yet very strange ‘Diagon Alley’. This week we have been analysing the character of Dudley – drawing on his appearance, actions and speech with the story.

Harry Potter Pic for Blog

Star of the week

This week we wrote a diary about the Wind in the Willows, which was about a Mole who was fed up with his spring cleaning and wanted to get out of the burrow. In maths, we looked at addition and subtraction and now we are learning about rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. In  science, we were learning  about  animals it was  so much fun, and yesterday we made rivers out of clay. Today we made Rivers out of Lego it was really fun. We did it in groups that way it is easier instead of doing it as one that would be hard.

Star of the week

Hello,  we are writing this because we got the certificates last week.This week in maths we have been learning about statistics, this involved looking at graphs and bar charts . In English we have been writing a diary as if we where Mole and some people did as if they where Ratty. Through spelling we learnt about words ending in ture . In geography we looked at the human features of Germany and England. In science we made string telephones to see the effect on the sound when the distence is long or short . On Thursday we had sports day!  Finally today, we were given the results and we where given our medals!

K.W and C.G.C

Before we broke up for the holidays, we took part in a debate whether it was right for the Pied Piper to take  the townspeople’s loved ones (children) and the thief dogs (not actually dog). In maths, we were looking at coordinates and graphs. Through science we looked at how a sound is made And finally in spelling, we looked at the suffix OUS .




The Wind in the Willows

Hello Year 4,

This half term we will be studying a book called The Wind in the Willows.  It is a classic text be the author Kenneth Grahame.

We will begin by writing a diary from the perspective of one of the characters.

I hope you enjoy it,

Mr Ibbotson

Star of the week


This week in Maths, we have been looking at graphs, translating shapes and coordinates.  In English we were the teachers because we marked other’s narrative.

We took part in a debate on whether the Pied Piper was wrong or right to take the children.  In science, we learnt about sound.  We made an experiment in science in which we investigated how to change pitch.





Star of the week

So I’m here doing this blog today because I got star of the week last Friday.  I received it for bringing my reading record in every day and also filling my whole reading record this week.

Today we planned our boxed up plan, after that we edited it and then we began writing our narrative.  The best thing yet was doing our maths skill test and guess what, we love doing this every friday.

By SG and IM

Star of the week

Star of the Week

This week in Y4I, we have been doing lots of work on our book for this term – The Pied Piper. We have been looking at all the different characters and what they’re like.

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions and measurements. Did you know there are 100cm in a metre?

In Geography we have been learning about man made and physical features. If something is naturally there then this is a physical element but if something has been created by a human then it is a human feature.

In spelling we have been looking at adding ‘ous’ on the end of words, such as: ridiculous, mysterious, disastrous.

We have learnt about animals in French.

We have also been focusing a lot on the importance of reading and using our reading records. We love to read in Year 4 Ibbotson.

Our attendance was: 98.3%